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Welcome to our website! It is maintained to calculate your daily intake of food calories to help regain and maintain your fitness and health. However, your access and the use of Weight Watchers Points Calculator must be subjected to the Terms and Conditions that are set forth below. You need to completely understand your responsibilities and rights about the use of this website and its offered program. Also, keep in mind that we can amend these Terms of Service at any time at our sole consent, without providing any prior or later notice. Your use of the site is the indication that you agree to such changes.


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We do try our best to make sure that the calculations and the other content provided on the site is integrated, validated and without any errors, however, this is no guarantee of the accuracy or the correctness of the material. If you become aware of any such malfunctioning, kindly inform us, so that we can make arrangements to correct the flaws for the benefits of other users. We repeat that the management of this website doesn’t make any sort of warranty/ guarantee to the suitability or reliability of the contained content.


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This doc of Terms and Conditions is signed by the authorized representative of the website management. It can only be modified or updated by the mutual consent, and never through the outside party. Also, keep in mind that the illegibility or the invalidity of the single condition is severable, which means that it shouldn’t and doesn’t affect the rest of the terms.