About Us

This site offers the very functional program that works on the Points Calculator of Weight Watchers, which helps in letting you take control of your food so that you can properly look after your healthy eating habits. Along with that, this program also offers numerous recipes to give you the food choices so that you can easily pick your favorite food that is already calculated with enough calories. With a monthly fee, we let your family join the program and benefit from the step by step instructions of keeping your physical and mental health in its best.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to making this world a better place with all of the people living in their best health. By providing this program, we believe that we are contributing our part in minimizing the most common and fatal disease that is usually ignored; obesity. We help to make people healthier by letting them control and manage their calorie intake. Our vision is to make this world a healthier and happier place by letting people them confident in their bodies and change themselves for the better living.

Our Team:

Our team includes the certified nutritionists and expert dietitians, who are completely aware of the ups and downs of the health and fitness journey. They help to determine the calorie intake ratio that our users have to follow in order to achieve their perfect body goal. Also, we have a staff of skillful chefs and food experts, making recipes and food suggestions for the program users to eat and be healthier. Due to the fact that this program doesn’t encourage starving or letting go of necessary nutrients for the sake of weight loss, the jobs of these nutritionists are even harder. Also, we have a group of IT professionals, who are always enthusiastic about creating the calculators of calorie intake for the ease of our clients. They are the backbone of the business as because of them, the program goes on with required excellence. Moreover, we have third party companies for advertisement and web development services.

Our Calculators:

Our calculators don’t really work on the formulas of Weight Watchers, but they do give similar results. Also, these calculators are made simple for the ease of public use. There are the quality tools that are easy enough to be used by people not really aware of how the calculation works. This comprehensive collection of online calculators is used by the people to measure their food intake and calculate the calories they need in a day.

Our Content:

Everything we provide on our website is fully intended to be accurate and reliable. All the information is honest and free of errors. We also make sure that the content of the site, including all the material present on the web pages is reviewed by the authorities to ensure its validity and correctness. Also, the content we offer is original and not authorized under the official Weight Watchers site as the program is our sole effort to let people enjoy their finest health.